Playback Holiday Stories

Sunday, December 17 - 2:00 PM

Playback Theater is:

 1) a theater form found in over seventy five countries. A company of actors and musicians bring to the stage true stories and story fragments that come from the audience. A company of actors goes on stage and listens to true stories from audience members. The storyteller casts them in different roles and the actors use all their creative resources to immediately play the story back to the audience. The company finds the heart, the funny bone, as well as the hopes and dreams that are embedded in each tale. It is designed for community building, healing and entertainment. Playback tests our most basic questions and provides real data. Questions revolve around themes such as understanding, attention, human nature, and the basic building blocks of a community or team, among others. Playback provides a fun, enlivening environment to further develop our emotional intelligence and a form of intelligence

that is rarely identified: story intelligence.

2) Playback is a beautiful intersection between theatre, storytelling, and improv. Come to Playback prepared to laugh, be moved, and to hear and share our common stories and experiences.

3) Playback Theatre Virginia is a performance troupe based in Charlottesville, Virginia. Co-directed by Larry Goldstein and Boomie Pedersen of Charlottesville and Tonya Osinkosky from Richmond. The troupe consists of a varying group of actors including Michelle James, Abena Foreman Trice, Kristen Atkins, Ros Berne, John Rabasa, Renee Garris and Jennifer Peart, as well as Larry, Tonya and Boomie.

Playback Holiday Stories is all this through the lens of, well, the Holidays!



The Hamner Studio at Crozet Arts, 1408 Crozet Ave.
Crozet, VA 22932
Event Type
Theatre / Dance
Theatre / Dance


Hamner Theater

Date / Time

Sunday, December 17, 2023
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM


(434) 960-5936
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