Nature's Breath: Meditation Course

Saturday, April 22 - 10:00 AM

This workshop is led by Living Earth Co-founder, Kate Knott. She is passionate about breathwork and what it means to live fully and with presence on our amazing planet Earth and with life.

Do you find that it’s hard to quiet your mind and to get the constant chatter to stop? Does life sometimes feel like it’s just happening to you and that you have little say? Do you long for greater inner peace and calm in your life? Do you want to connect with nature more, but not sure how to bust through the barrier of your own mind?

In this workshop you will discover the art of mindfulness with practical steps and guidance. You will get to sit with yourself first, quiet your mind and tune into a more present way of “Being” within you and also explore conversations with others in the class. We will practice different mediation techniques and blend this with breathwork. We then will take this outside into our sit spot practice and blend this with mindful walking and more expanded awareness. Together these techniques will allow for greater present moment awareness and allow for you to better tune into the flow of life and the natural world around you. Here, techniques will be shared and when practiced and made into a habit, your life will transform around you. Once you get more familiar and practice these techniques in your own everyday life, you will become more present with everything in life. You will find greater clarity, joy, purpose, connection and live with more gratitude. This is a potent little package for your life, wrapped up into a short day workshop. Come explore your inner landscape and blend that with the outer landscape around you and bring this fully into your life!

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Health & Fitness
Lecture / Workshop


Living Earth School

Date / Time

Saturday, April 22, 2023
10:00 AM - 3:30 PM


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