Food for Thought

Thursday, June 29 - 6:00 PM

Is there a peculiar food combo you love that others find strange? What ingredients do you think are essential for our country to function? Which people do you think most need to sit down across the table from each other and share a meal?

In the spirit of Jeffersonian dinners, which were known for great food and conversation, the Thomas Jefferson Foundation has created a card game kit to promote civic discussion.

It's called "Feast of Reason," and is designed to help you navigate the strong opinions so many of us hold about civic issues in a fun and engaging way - helping make breaking bread an event that will once again bring us closer together.

Join us for our second Feast of Reason evening at the David M. Rubenstein Visitor Center, with complimentary food served up from some of the area's best food trucks. Taste our coveted Monticello Mountain Ale and signature Castle Hill Orchard Select Cider. Sample American Heritage Chocolates. Additional alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase.

Share your best thoughts while we play Feast of Reason over good food and drink!

This event is free, but space is limited and reservations are required. Recommended for adults and children 10 years+.

Event Type


Thomas Jefferson's Monticello

Date / Time

Thursday, June 29, 2023
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM